Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anxtrip?

Anxtrip is an international social platform that helps to find travel partners for domestic and foreign trips. You can plan your own trip and find people who will travel with you, or join a trip organized by others.

How does it work?

Anxtrip is a social platform that allows people from all over the world to travel together.

A trip on Anxtrip begins when someone has an idea for an adventure. He can create a trip description based on suggestions (dates, countries, routes, etc.) as well as provide obligatory information (such as destination, estimated budged, etc.). He becomes the Organizer of this trip.

After a trip has been created, anyone can visit the trip's profile to learn the details of the tour and decide whether it meets her/his criteria. If the potential Candidate expresses interest and wants to learn more about the journey, he or she can write a message to the Organizer asking questions or giving suggestions.

The next step is to ask about the possibility of joining the trip. Candidate, by clicking the "Join trip" bottom, reaffirms his willingness to participate in the event. This means that he or she wants to join the group on the agreed route. It is not however a legal obligation to participate in the trip. The Organizer can accept or reject an application from a Candidate. We assume that community members act in good faith. Anxtrip does not take the responsibility for the breach of obligations by the participants.

The real journey begins when the trip members meet at an agreed starting point and set out to explore the world together!

After the trip ends, each participant can rate their co-members (including the Organizer). These ratings help other users when they search for their future travel companions.

How can I join the Anxtrip community?

Simply register via Facebook or e-mail by entering your name and e-mail address and setting the password to your profile. Select "Register" and confirm registration by clicking on the link sent in the activation e-mail. Welcome to Anxtrip!

How do I find a trip?

Simply enter the information: where you want to go, specify the time frame planned and click "Search". If you have specific preferences, use the "More filters" option. Here you can search by entering keywords, the main destination you want to go to, estimated cost, time-frame, as well as preferred means of transport, type(s) of accommodation, number of vacancies (how many people go with you), and the status of the trip.
Furthermore, in the "Preferences" section, you can select specific criteria:
  • the type of travel (passive or active),
  • the option "Return to the start point",
  • attitude towards alcohol consumption and smoking,
  • the age of the participants,
  • and the trip goal (leisure, sightseeing etc.).
You can also define in the search who would you like to travel with. You may specify gender and nationality of the Organizer and members of the expedition, as well as languages ​​they speak. If you need more information on a specific trip, just send a message to the Organizer.

Will the registration or use of the website cost me anything?

No, the registration and the use of the website is completely free!

How should I add a profile photo?

Click on the top menu on the right. Select "View Profile" and click the "Edit Photo" button. Keep in mind that it is not allowed to upload images that contain pornography, VIP, spam, or copyrighted material.

How should I update my profile on Anxtrip?

Click on the top menu on the right. Select "View Profile", then click on the "Edit profile" button on the left and enter your details. You can specify your age, languages ​​you speak, and write something interesting about yourself.

How can I add my trip?

In the top menu click on the "New trip" button. Complete the form concerning the trip. When you finish, click the "Add new trip" button at the bottom. Your trip will be automatically added to our search engine to help you find perfect partners for your journey.

Can I change any details in my trip's profile?

Yes, of course. You can edit your journey anytime, if you change your travel plan. You need to select "Find my trips" from the profile dropdown menu in the right corner and choose "Edit trip". After applying changes, just click "+Edit trip" bottom at the bottom, and everyone will see the updated version.

Can I cancel my trip?

Things happen. Sometimes, by force majeure, you may need to cancel your trip, and this is also possible on Anxtrip. In this case you need to select "Find my trips" from the profile dropdown menu in the right corner and in the "Manage trip" section click on "Delete trip" button, and your trip will be canceled.

Is it possible not to accept any applicants for my journey?

Yes, if you consider the user who applied suspicious or you simply do not want to travel with this person, you can refuse his or her application. Select "My candidates" from the profile dropdown menu in the upper right corner. Then, on the unwanted candidate's profile, click "Show details" and then "Delete application". The unwanted application will be removed.

What is the "Group chat" option for?

If you would like to discuss the details regarding the trip with other participants (not just the Organizer), you can use the "Group chat" option. This way all the trip members will see the discussion and will be able to take part in.

Can I close the recruitment process before the predefined number of participants will be gathered?

Yes, for this purpose select "Find my trips" in the upper right corner and in the section "Manage trip" click "Deny applications". Now, the recruitment process will be called off.

What does "Trip type" mean?

Here, you need to specify the type of the trip that you are planning. Whether it will be passive recreation on the beach or an active trip with multiple distinations to visit.

How can I start a conversation with the Organizer of the trip?

Go to the Organizer's profile, click on "Contact me" button and send a message to him.

How can I join a trip?

Just click the "Join trip" button on the right and fill out a short survey, stating your preferences. Your application should also include a message to the Organizer. Once you are done, click the "Send" button. If the organizer accepts your application, you can start to prepare a list of things to pack.

How can I rate my trip partner(s)?

You have 14 days after your journey ends to write a review and rate the participants of your trip. You can rate both the Organizer of the trip and all of its members. The Organizer can rate all the trip's participants as well. You can give your co-travelers from zero to five stars (you can also give them half a star) and write a short opinion about your experience travelling with them.

What should I do if I come across a suspicious profile?

If you encounter a strange or suspicious user profile or trip, use the "Flag content as inappropriate" button. You can find it on both the user profile and the trip profile pages.

On what basis should I trust another Anxtrip user?

The ratings and reviews, made by people who have travelled with a user and got a chance to know him personally, are the best verification of a his or her honesty. The more positive opinions on the user's profile, the greater the chance that he or she is a person to be trusted.

How can I contact Anxtrip?

For general enquiries please write to us at [email protected].